~I began my weight loss journey with Olivia almost 6 weeks ago and cannot believe what a huge difference she has made in my life. I was frustrated and had tried many ways to lose weight that never stuck I believed that I would be large forever. When I came to Olivia in tears wanting to lose over 150lbs  she was compassionate,understanding and firm. She has guided me through the first few weeks in way that made me believe I could do it as well as provided tips to navigate daily life. She has taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food again. I know I am only at the beginning of a long journey but have already began to see a different of almost 25 pounds and 8 total inches lost in 6 weeks. Olivia has been my encouragement and mentor, my kick in the ass and my teacher. She provides an amazing balance between supportive and pushing, providing exactly the encouragement and motivation to get past any hurdle. I could not do this without her.

-Robynne – Cranbrook


~ For almost all my life (43 yrs) I have been dieting. You name the diet, I have been on it, or tried it. I’ve read all the reports that come out, like low fat, high fat, low carb, high protein, and always knew the things I should be doing daily. Like drinking the 8+ cups of water, portion control, and way less sugar.  It can all be so confusing and dizzying. I’ve join Weight Watchers countless times, and joined the gym countless times. All failed!

When Olivia posted about her Nutritional Coaching program, I decided to try it. It would keep me accountable and also her program was different. It offered what I hoped would be a normal way to eat. So I signed up for a 3 month program, and off we went. Olivia is a wealth of knowledge, and was so supportive. She also affectionately dished out some tough love advice. She gave me the numbers I was to keep within for the day, and I tracked it all through MyFitness Pal. I logged my daily numbers, weight, (hated weighing myself everyday) sleep, etc. and each week we met to go over things. If I had questions I could text or email her and she responded immediately.

I learned a great deal and after 12 weeks, was able to drop just over 1 pound a week. No exercise. I never thought it would be possible that I could lose weight eating what I wanted and learning what choices are best, without feeling like I had to stress about exercising daily.

If you ever thought to yourself “I wonder if this would work for me?” then let me say DO IT!! You won’t regret it. I plan to do another 3 month program to keep me going! Thank you Olivia for the best program!!


-Jody – Cranbrook



~Olivia listened to my needs and designed a program to help me meet my goals. I noticed all the hard work paid off when I paddle boarded for the first time this summer. I was strong and my balance was so much better. It’s exciting to see, and feel, the results. Thanks, Olivia!~

Jennifer I. – Cranbrook


~Incredible!… Olivia is the perfect balance of understanding and challenging.  She is over-the-top as a fitness trainer. I have been with Olivia since January 2015 when I signed up for the Fitness Inc. Body Challenge and remain with her to date. Olivia is understanding of the individual needs of clients, extremely well educated in fitness and nutrition and provides a level of genuine care that makes her clients feel they are in good hands. Olivia knows how to make me push that little extra – that at the end of the day makes me say “I did it!”  I appreciate the level of devotion Olivia shows by taking the time out of her personal life to continually updating her education by attending conferences and courses.  I am excited to continue my fitness journey with Olivia – you will be too!~

Paula B. – Cranbrook


I have been training with Olivia for almost a year now and it has been a great experience!  Olivia is genuine, well-educated and really cares about her client’s overall health and fitness.  She is a wealth of information and takes the time to research questions that I have if she doesn’t know the answer.  Training with Olivia is time well spent.

Helen B. – Cranbrook


~My name is Dave and I have been training with Olivia for the last couple of months! I started my training with the Gran Fondo in mind and have come to appreciate the workouts Olivia has put me through. I started the program with piriformus syndrome in my right gluteus and have worked that out in all the excersises Olivia has been putting me through.I might add I am also diabetic and the excersise has a real positive influence on this disease for keeping my blood sugars in check. I like working with a trainer as it keeps me accountable and in the accountability I feel like I get ahead of besetting problems and the result is general well being in my health, both physical as well as mental outlook.I would like to continue with the training in the fall as like I said it keeps me accountable. Thanks Olivia!~

Dave M. – Cranbrook


~Olivia saw something in me that other trainers didn’t – the truth. From the outside I’m your typical dedicated young “fit” girl but Olivia saw through that. She saw the struggle of a bad relationship with food and exercise. Olivia has the kindest gentlest soul, but she will make you WORK. Her personal and professional experience combined is second to none – she is an unreal motivator, healthy role model and if that isn’t enough her smile can light up the gym the second she walks in. Now that Olivia has taken me under her wing I am confident that with her guidance I can fuel my body to keep up with her workouts and become something I’ve never been – strong and confident!~

Corianne S. – Cranbrook


~I have enjoyed all my time with Olivia as my trainer and look forward to starting sessions again in September. With Olivia you do what you can when you can and the support doesn’t end after your session. I trained with her for about 6 months or so, now I am on a break from work out sessions and while I am focusing on completing what I have learned with her on my own and developing self-control for work outs; Olivia has still been there for me. Whether it’s in encouraging cheers, suggested aides, or encouraging little articles through social media she’s there. Recently I posted a comment on how hard it is to get into the gym and a whole bunch of reasons why I am not there; I later found a post by Olivia on the “top reasons women give why they can’t go to the gym”… Just the kick in the butt I needed; thanks Olivia. If you’re really ready for a change; work out with Olivia you will not regret it. You will get the support you need in so many different ways it will make it almost impossible to fail; and besides with Olivia as long as you put in the effort, results or not… you can’t fail.~

Miki H. – Cranbrook


~Eight weeks ago I started on a journey to become a healthier, new me. I had no idea what I was in for, but I was jumping in with both feet. I bought a gym pass, and for one day a week, I began training with Olivia Besanger at fitness inc in Cranbrook. My first session with her kicked my butt! I couldn’t walk or sit properly for 3 days! Haha!

Each day I worked out, I could feel my strength gaining though. I am blown away by what I am able to do now! Pushing myself when I want to give up, going to the gym and working through sore muscles… maybe even over doing it at times. (oops) 😉

I faced one of my hardest challenges today. Olivia wanted to show me what I was capable of doing. I usually do 3 sets of 12-15 reps in a circuit, but today she threw me into my beast mode! [Nearing the end], I was hit by a wave of emotion. With tears streaming down my cheeks, I pushed through the pain and Olivia sat right beside me cheering me on. I will forever be grateful for this woman entering my life. Mentally and physically, she helped me change for the better, I will use everything she has given me to move forward and can’t wait to see my transformation.~

Jamie S. – Cranbrook


~I started Training with Olivia back in January when I had very much so let myself fall off the wagon. Olivia made all my sessions so enjoyable and they went by without me even thinking about time as she did such an amazing job making a program suited to my interests. She pushed an encouraged me to my limits which I am ever grateful for. I was forever a girl squatting 135lbs and was terrified to go over anything of that, in the couple months I spent with Olivia my PR went from 135 to 225. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to have been under the leadership of Olivia and am so blessed and grateful to have my love for fitness back!~

Ashley R. – Cranbrook


~Olivia took the time to research and develop the best program to help build strength and maintain good health during my pregnancy. She supported me throughout my pregnancy and was there for me after the birth of my twins with some awesome recovery and postpartum programs.  Olivia listens to your wants and needs and develops programs that balances how you like to work out with how you will achieve your goals. I would definitely recommend Olivia to anyone!~

Tamara M. – Cranbrook


~So today I completed my 8 week “get ready for summer” challenge with Olivia Besanger.  Not even sure where to begin telling you all what an amazing person she is and what she has done to change my life. I joined this challenge as I’d had a ton of heartache happen in my life recently and needed to try to push through the grief and the anger and so started once a week with Olivia. She was very easy on me in the beginning as we got to know each other and she got to know my abilities.  As time has gone on she has helped me to see the athletic abilities that I have and to push me “just one more” time to succeeding and getting to my goals.  She has a way of gently pushing you to strive harder and farther; not by yelling or by forcing but by making you believe that yes I can do this. She has made me believe in my abilities again; both physically and mentally. Olivia has an abundant heart and is full of compassion. She understands that yes you are going to have a bad week and instead of making you feel bad about it, she shows you how to structure things differently to make the most of everything. She always approaches every workout with a positive nature and a beautiful smile. From encouraging you throughout the week and your workouts to sending you positive emails to brighten your day and giving great insight on her Train with Olivia website. Not only did she train my body but she has trained my mind to believe in my happiness and my destiny and that I can achieve anything I set out to do. To describe Olivia as an amazing person is an understatement.  She is so much more.  I have been truly blessed to have met her and have her touch my life in such a way that I will be forever thankful. Can’t wait to continue on with her in the future! Thank you.~

Michelle R. – Cranbrook


I have been working with Olivia for about 8 months.  I used to believe having a personal trainer was only for the rich and famous. After trying out every diet on the market and being discouraged with lack of results I bit the bullet and decided to try her out. Training with Olivia has been worth every penny and every Starbuck’s coffee I gave up to pay for having a trainer.   She is out going, knowledgeable, encouraging, helpful and dedicated.  I have gained incredible amounts of strength and muscle working with her and I have found a new passion in powerlifting!  I also appreciate how much she cares for her clients and how she always goes the extra mile to help find a solution to meet your personal goals.  Most of all she has shown me how important it is to love yourself.

Alanna G. – Cranbrook