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Workshops and Talks for Young Teams


Olivia loves working with youth! There is nothing more gratifying that educating young people. According to the Government of Canada, the rates of child obesity among children and teens has tripled over the past thirty years. We are seeing increasing rates of type two diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea among kids and youth as well as mental health issues due to the effect that excess weight and obesity has on kids’ self-esteem. 

Often times with such hectic schedules of families, parents are quick to run through a drive-thru on the way to soccer or dance practice. Because we live in such a time-crunched world, its often easier for parents to purchase highly processed convenience foods to put in the lunch bags or to grab after school before rushing off to activities.

We need to educate our kids to respect their bodies, that food needs to fuel their bodies and that their nutrition can have a direct impact on their sports performance as well as their academic performance.

Olivia creates nutrition workshops that are fun and engaging for all ages. She uses interactive games and activities to make lessons stick. Olivia has also done several nutrition and wellness talks with high school phys-ed classes. Olivia prides herself on creating a safe space for kids’ and teens to open up, ask lots of questions and discuss all sorts of issues that affect them in regards to body-image and health, nutrition and more. Kids are always given Olivia’s contact information after presentations and encouraged to contact her with any further questions in complete confidence.

If you would like to book Olivia for a nutrition talk or workshop with your team or group of kids/youth, please contact her directly for more information to create a customized program.