Setbacks and crabby days…

Tonight, I was inspired to sit down and write a post about setbacks. And yes… I’m feeling crabby as well. I came down with a cold last week, the one that everyone in Cranbrook seems to have right now – the true sign of school being back in session! There are so many jokes about the man cold – but I will humbly admit – my husband is a million times tougher than me when it comes to being sick. We use the term, “Olivia Cold”. I actually feel quite sorry for my family, having to endure my whining and sniveling. At times, I will try to convince them that I truly am dying… but it doesn’t seem to help it get better.

There are those people who carry on without a blink – “power through” as they say. I dislike those people (sorry if you’re one of them) – well, let’s be honest – I’m just jealous. Today, I even sent my friend an article I found stating that wine is actually GOOD for colds. Well, I’m not sure I’m convinced on the scientific part of that – but the emotional side – hell yes!

I try all sorts of things – believing that I will get rich off of some new home remedy. Today, I actually thought I may have given myself third degree burns from oregano oil inside of my mouth – again, my family just laughs and tells me I smell like a meatball. Thanks for the sympathy.sick3

The worst part about getting sick for me – is missing my workouts. This brings me back again to just over two years ago, when I was forced to miss close to three months of workouts. A sure-fire way to bring an exercise addict to psychosis – and that I’m not laughing about. Although, I’ve learned to lay off the workouts when I’m not 100%, it still messes with my head. However, I’m at a place now, where I know that I will be further ahead in the long run if I let my body heal, rather than push it to a point where it takes three times longer to recover.

The point is, we all have “set-backs”. A cold or flu, an injured body part, a life-event, or whatever it may be. It’s part of life and as hard as it is to not get discouraged, we must tell ourselves that we will “jump back on the wagon” and everything will be okay.

This is harder to do if you’re someone who has recently embarked on a new routine. It takes a while to get into the groove but you do and then you finally start to see some progress – and then – WHAM – out of no-where, that routine gets thrown out and you feel like you’re going to lose all that progress you made.

The great thing is, we have something called “muscle memory”. I see this a lot with clients who have been away from their fitness routines for quite some time. Within one to two sessions, their form finds perfection and within a few weeks – their strength gains are phenomenal. I even saw this with myself and my Yoga practice. After being away from it for three whole years, the little things came back – such as placement and breathing. Tsick2he body is an amazing thing!

So as we approach winter and the onslaught of cold and flu viruses, falls on the ice or whatever life brings our way – let’s remember to TRY to stay positive (yes – I’m trying to convince myself of this at this very moment). Our bodies will heal, our bodies will remember – but we must allow our minds to relax and our spirits to embrace the “break” it needs. You’ll find your way back, much faster than you expect!



P.S. If you are sick – please stay out of the gym as a favour to the rest of us!