Empowerment Coaching

If you’re here, I bet its because you’re not 100% happy with where you’re currently at and searching for help. Over the years I’ve worked with so many women who despise their bodies, who have weight issues and who have detrimental health consequences due to being overweight or obese. There has been one common thread with all of these women: They self-sabotage. No amount of exercise or nutrition advice will get them to where they want to be until they find the reasons why.

In fact, after working with so many women and seeing the majority of them not achieve their goals, I was becoming beyond frustrated with myself as a trainer and with my clients who wouldn’t follow my plans outside of our training time together. I needed to take a step-back. I was missing something somewhere with all of these incredible women who had so much potential. It was after hours of reading and research that I finally decided to pursue my Life-Coach certification.

I was beyond blessed to have one of the industries most renowned life-coaches lead my certification course. Nathalie-Plamondon-Thomas is a true inspiration and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Nathalie herself started as a fitness professional and still teaches fitness today. I am honoured to have this new-found knowledge and to be able to help women stop their self-sabotage and achieve all of their goals, even those beyond exercise and nutrition.

If you’re someone who has done all the diets, tried all the exercise programs or perhaps even worked one on one with a personal trainer and you still haven’t seen any progress despite all of your hard work, its time to ask yourself the really hard “why”. Are you self-sabotaging? Are you limited by your own beliefs? Maybe you don’t even realize it? That’s where a Life-Coach comes in!

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of women. Personal training, especially on a one-on-one basis can be a vulnerable place to be. I found more often than not, training sessions would become more like “venting” sessions or “therapy” sessions. The more women I trained, the more commonalities I began to notice. Unhappiness with careers, family life, relationships, finances and self-confidence. As their personal trainer, I wanted nothing more than for all of my clients to be successful but found it so frustrating that they wouldn’t listen to my “advice” the other 97% percent of the time we weren’t together. I realized after thousands of hours in the gym, that it comes down to something much bigger. This is what inspired me to become a coach. Together we will find your Power From Within to move you toward permanent success.


Discovery – Pay per session (60 minutes): $100.00

This option is great for those who are curious about Life-Coaching and what it can do for them. Whether you have a little something you just can’t seem to figure out or need some direction in moving forward in an area of your life.

Clarity – One Month Option (90 minute intake session + 4 60 minute sessions): $425.00

This option is perfect for you if you have a specific goal/problem that you would like to work on. Learn the behaviours and language you are using that have been sabotaging your success and transform. Gain clarity, remove stress and move forward to achieve what you want! Includes one weekly e-mail.

Awakening – Three Month Option (90 minute intake session + 12 60 minute sessions): $975.00

A more in-depth look at your life, your goals, plans to work toward what you need to achieve success. Uncover the knowledge, skills, passion you already have that can move you toward your success. Includes two weekly emails.

Enrichment – Six Month Option (90 minute intake session + 24 60 minute sessions): $1560

A look at all areas of your life including financial, social, spiritual, emotional and professional. Some may be much more prevalent than others. Which areas are holding you back or are creating obstacles, which are preventing you from moving forward. Includes three weekly emails.

Transformation – One Year Option (90 minute intake session + 48 60 minute sessions): $2880.00

Includes all of what the Enrichment Package includes but with on-going support for a year to help with any issues, or “blocks” that may come up along your journey. Unlimited email access for issues that may come up through the week.


Everyone has different needs and goals when setting forth on their health and fitness journeys. Meet with Olivia for a half-hour to discuss your wants and needs, set goals and come up with an action plan to help get you on your way!

Payment plans available for 3-12 month options.