Personal Training:

Olivia has her Group Exercise certification through Canadian Fitness Exercise Society and has her Personal Training certification through canfitpro. canfitpro requires yearly re-certification with required annual continuing education credits as well as annual first-aid and CPR re-certification.

Olivia is currently training out of her own personal studio as well as Core Fitness. Her intake is based on her clientele load. You are also welcome to be placed on her wait list for when permanent spots become available.


Taking care of your ONE body:

Olivia’s number one goal as a personal trainer is to help people realize that they are given ONE body. ONE body that will determine their quality of life. How active and how mobile each person is well into their golden years is dependent on the strength and mobility of our bodies. Whether you’re an avid outdoors person, a competitive or recreational athlete, or just wanting to keep up with your beautiful grandchildren, there is no better investment than in your health and body.


Olivia will help you create and set goals and work towards achieving those. Goal setting is so important when it comes to investing in your health. Too often, we go into something without knowing our “WHY” and that leaves us floundering. Whether its to rehabilitate an injury, to get ready for the ski-season, to increase your endurance or complete your first race, Olivia will customize your training programming to progress you through each goal.


Fee Structure:

All new clients will be required to purchase 10 weeks of programming. This MUST be prepaid. When clients move to the next training level, they may pay in increments of 5 or 10 sessions. Those who pay for their subsequent sessions in blocks of 10 will receive a 10% discount.

Session rates are $48.00/50 minute training session.  If at any time, the trainer/client decides the relationship is not working, a full refund less a $50.00 administration fee will be granted.

24 hours cancelation notice is required for all sessions. Absolutely no exceptions.


Group Personal Training:


Want to workout with a friend or two or more? Do you have a group of co-workers that would be interested in increasing fitness levels while having fun at the same time? If so, message me for availability – group training is fun and can increase commitment levels!


Olivia leaves you with one last point to ponder before considering Personal Training…

“If your number one goal for yourself is to lose weight. Personal Training may not be for you… YET!  If weight loss is priority number one, then I will direct you to my Nutrition Coaching services. If there is one thing exercise will not do, it will NOT make you lose weight. Until your nutrition is 100% in-check, clients will not find success with exercise alone. Often times, I see clients start gaining weight when they begin a new exercise program. This is partly water retention of the muscles but mostly that people subconsciously give themselves a “free-pass” to eat more because they are exercising. “Oh, I can have that extra cookie because – I worked out today!” – sound familiar?

I cannot emphasize this enough. As a person who exercises on a daily basis, I can tell you that exercise has never once helped me lose weight. In fact, the more exercise you do (especially cardio-vascular type activities, think cycling, running, etc.) the bigger your appetite is and the more careful you have to be to control your intake vs. your output.

What exercise and training WILL do: improve cardio-vascular function, increase strength and flexibility, improve energy levels and sleep, increase body awareness and self-confidence and just make you plain feel good!!”