Meet Olivia

thumbnailBorn and raised in the beautiful East Kootenay’s, Olivia decided to make a major career change five years ago after battling with her own struggles with disordered eating and body-image.

“As I opened up about my own struggles, I found so many women with the same issues. I wanted to help others find their way back to health through healing what’s going on on the inside. So many women struggle with self-love and self-care. I wanted to teach women that taking care of their health is a gift not a punishment.”

So after fifteen years in Marketing Research, Consulting and Project Management, Olivia decided to move full-steam ahead and peruse her Personal Training Certification with canfitpro. She had already been teaching group-fitness classes for several years but wanted to engage in a more personal, one-on-one environment with women.

Witin a few short months, Olivia had a full-time clientele and a waitlist! Training primarily women, a common theme started to emerge.

“I would have women come to my office for their initial consultation, not even having met before, who would cry to me in tears how much they hated the way they felt and looked. Let me tell you, there was always a full box of Kleenex on my desk! I wanted so badly to take each and every one of them under my wing and help them realize how truly amazing they are. I have had a lot of clients tell me how much they’ve learned from me. But I can say with one-hundred percent confidence, that I learned ten-fold from them, what I taught each of them. Each client I’ve had has truly been such a blessing and led me to the path I’m on now.”

After four years of training full-time, teaching classes and bootcamps as well as taking a nutrition coaching certification and coaching nutrition, Olivia was not seeing the success with her clients that she had hoped for. Her passion to help women was starting to fade as she became more and more frustrated. What was the missing piece?

“I have had women lose 80 pounds only to have gained it all back again. I had spent close to two-years training clients two to three times per week, but would see very little progress or even digress, whether it be weight-gain, strength/fitness loss, or even more serious health issues. The problem is, I can give these women all the tools, information, guidance, etc. But they are with me only two to three hours per week, the rest is truly up to them. I kept asking myself, how am I failing these women? Why can I not get them to listen?”

Olivia went back to her research roots. Intuitively she knew that most reasons had deeply rooted emotional issues. Whether it be marital problems, career dissatisfaction, giving too much time to others, time-management, etc. She knew that until those issues were resolved, women would be unsuccessful in their weight-loss and fitness endeavours.

“I grew to know within the first five minutes of meeting someone, whether they would be successful, especially with my nutrition coaching programs. The words clients use without even realizing are so profound.”
Olivia wanted to get to the root of these issues and continue to help women, so she set out to find that missing link. She has since taken a course through the National Academy of Sports Medicine on Behaviour Change and has become a Certified Life Coach Practitioner through the Certified Coaches Federation.

“These courses almost brought me to tears! I felt like this was exactly the missing piece. I needed to take a step back from the personal training and nutrition coaching to discover this. We need to start first with fixing what’s on the inside, to stop the self-sabotage and the limiting beliefs. These women need tools to show themselves that they have everything they need within themselves ALREADY to be successful. Once that happens, everything will fall perfectly into place.”

So as one path has led to another, Olivia feels there was no mistake or coincidence that she has ended up on the path to becoming a Certified Life Coach – or as she likes to call herself – an EMPOWERMENT COACH. Ready for women to take a deep look within to find what it takes to find the amazing that they already are.

“As I mentioned previously. I have been blessed with working with over a hundred women in a short five years. Each has truly touched my heart. Often I would say to myself, if only they saw within them what I see. Well, now I am on the track to help them see what I see.”