I feel like I’ve written this a million times before…

Losing weight is hard

  • It takes some serious grit

  • It takes more than motivation day after day after day

  • It takes the realization that it took you years to get to where you are now, so why should it take any less time to get to where you want

  • It takes the realization that you may need new friends

  • It takes the realization that you may have to dissociate from your unsupportive family until you have a handle on knowing how to deal with their button pushing

  • It takes the realization that you may need some serious therapy to deal with trauma (this trauma can be anything by the way – not just some major thing that happened or happens in the movies)

  • It takes the realization that you may need to leave your unhappy marriage

  • It takes the realization that you may need to leave your unhappy job and find a new career

  • Its realizing that your sick and tired of spending one more minute uncomfortable in your own skin 

  • It takes the realization that you want to live a long, healthy life free from diabetes or heart disease

  • It takes the realization that you want to climb the stairs (or mountains) with a full set of lungs not weighed down by the extra weight your carrying (physically and emotionally)

  • It takes the realization that you need to stop making excuses for yourself (you are NOT too busy, you DO have time)

  • It takes the realization that YOU ARE WORTH IT

  • It takes determination, commitment, and major soul searching

…and all of that is fucking hard.

BUT…Once you make all of those realizations you can put a plan in place. You need to review that plan over and over and over again.

  • When you don’t feel like it, you have to

  • When you don’t have time, you make time

  • For every single thing you have in your life that is holding you back, you need to let go

  • For every thing you let go, you will gain something so much more


This is why we need coaches. We need someone who knows how to hold you accountable. Someone who will hold your hand but not be afraid to call you on your shit. I’m not here to be your friend, I’m here to be your coach. Coaches know the excuses, they know you have time, you know you need to adjust your priorities, quit using your past as an excuse, quit using the present as an excuse, quit with the poor me attitude. Either you want it or you don’t. Plain and simple. Simple – but no not easy – at least not in the beginning. 

Losing weight takes consistency and patience. We are a society that gets instant gratification from everything. Including the food we eat. Guess what? Your tastebuds also need patience. They get used to not being exposed to fat, sugar, salt combinations designed to leave you craving more. 

I preach enough about the plans, the powders, the quick fixes. What a coach has that none of that does, is true knowledge and education. They are there for you to teach you new, forever lasting habits. How to navigate social situations and travel. They are there to call you on your bullshit when you derail yourself. When you self-sabotage. They are there to help you repeat, repeat, repeat through the grit while you lose… and also to teach you how to maintain. They are a neutral party when no one else “gets it”. They are there to help pick you up when you’re down. They are there for accountability. 

You have to be 100% ready to commit. Because, its going to be a long haul. Its not always going to feel like sunshines and roses. Its going to feel downright miserable sometimes. But that grit is what helps build you mentally – for all things in life – not just nutrition. Learning how to control will help you succeed in so many other areas – in ways you never imagined possible. 

When you’re ready to live your best life, I’m here!