Health and Wellness Workshops for the Workplace


Looking to infuse some health and wellness into your workplace? Educating your employees on the importance of

self-care can have a tremendous impact on their productivity at work as well as their personal lives at home. Olivia can customize her workshops/talks based on the needs and wants of your company. Sessions can include topics such as:


Learn how to balance food groups for optimal energy balance, how to set time aside to make healthy eating fit your schedule, meal prep suggestions to help keep you on track while at work and for your whole family. How to eat while on the go and traveling


Excuses no more! Learn ways to incorporate fitness into your lives that works for you. No more starts and stops to the routines. Active living for life that will keep employees alert at work and not hitting the dreaded 3 o’clock wall!


Olivia will discuss the importance of self-care to keep you healthy an on track to a long, active life, well beyond the work

years and into retirement.

Goal Setting

Some times in life whether it be in personal life or our professional life we get bored and lose motivation. Learn how to get that zest for life back by setting goals at work and at home so you feel your purpose and intension again.


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