Name your price…







One of the biggest reasons people balk at the idea of a personal trainer is cost. I myself, have spent a fairly large wad on a trainer. Sure, I could have gone to Mexico or saved it for a rainy day, but I chose to invest in myself. Don’t get me wrong… charging those sessions on the good ol’ plastic was hard to swallow – but I can’t even begin to explain the return on investment it had for me. Something that will benefit me for many many years into the future.

Working with a trainer pushed me to a new level. I was able to find something inside that I didn’t know I had. Its human nature – we aim to please. My form is gonna be perfect and I’m going to finish my last rep just as strong as my first – if someone is watching and cheering me on. That means that I’m working to my full capacity, there is no time or effort wasted and I know I’m safe because my trainer knows my tipping point.

Then there is that whole motivation thing. For me, being at the gym is never an issue. But, I will say for 80% of my clients – the reason theycost2 have a trainer – is so they stay committed to the gym. They book the appointment time and commit to it because if they don’t – they simply won’t come. Again, we aim to please – my clients rely on me and I rely on them –  to show up and work hard. If they have consistently booked times with me – they aren’t going to bail just because “they’re too tired, its too cold, I have a headache, my toad died… etc., etc. etc.”. They might be dead-ass tired because they went to bed too late, or they might have a headache – but they know I’m there – waiting for them – to come with their game on. In fact, twice, I’ve had two separate clients come and tell me that they were going to cancel because they felt a migraine coming on. Both of them, by 20 minutes in – said that their headaches were gone! Now if curing a migraine isn’t worth a workout… I don’t know what to tell you!

If I’m still having a hard time convincing you, let me ask you this? How long have you been waiting?cost3 How long have you been waiting to lose those 5, 10, 25, or 50 extra pounds? How many Monday’s have you said, “this is it?”, how many times have you said, “next summer I will wear a bathing suit and play with my kids at the beach”. How long have you been waiting and trying to convince yourself to exercise to get your blood pressure in check, your cholesterol down, or just so you won’t be winded carrying the groceries in the house? What is YOUR price? What are YOU worth? Well, only that you can decide. What I can tell you from my point of view is that if by now, you haven’t done it on your own and its grinding at you… you’re worth it and trainers are here to see you be successful. We are here to hold you accountable – if you need to come and have a good cry before we hit the floor, we close the office door, talk it out and then work it out. A great trainer isn’t just here to put you through the motions – it also involves all of the emotions – your emotions and helping you get to the bottom of what’s standing in your way.

From a financial perspective it can seem like a lot. It is. Its not cheap. It is a lot of money. Not gonna lie… But think of it this way… say you come to see your trainer once a week. Spread the cost of that ONE session over seven days. Why? Because, if you come to see me once and I hold you accountable for your workouts for the rest of the week – remember – we aim to please… you aren’t going to want to come to me the next week and say, “Olivia, I totally bombed. I didn’t get any more workouts in and I ate cheetos and Nutella (yeah – my weapon of choice) all week.” No, when you see me next week and I ask, “So, Jane, did you get all three of your workouts in last week? Did you eat protein at every meal last week?”, you’re going to want to do your trainer proud and say, “hell ya – I rocked it!” – then we do our little secret happy dance and celebrate! (I’m so not joking – I have a happy dance to Taylor Swift’s – Shake it out song that I do FOR one of my clients – okay so I might have just lost myself some business there – but whatever works…).

I have some pretty amazing people who have saved for training to invest in themselves – their health and fitness education – you have to see it like that as well – trainers are professionals – we are going to be continuously teaching you as well as coaching you. You will soon use interchangeable terms like we do – like gluteus medius – A.K.A. – side butt (I can totally hear some of my clients laughing at this right now). I like words like “side butt”. Its much more visual to say – “okay – now squeeze your side bum, now this one should target your back bum… you get the point”. You’ll just have cool things you can tell your friends like, “oh man… I totally rocked my rhomboids today” – okay – I’ve gone too far, I know, I know…

So skip your Starbucks for a month (yay me! $100.00 a month!), don’t BUY a bottle of water – bring one! Seriously cost– a bottle of water a day – that’s like $60.00 at least (unless you’re buying SMART water – hell – you could pay off your house in a year if you’re buying that shit!). Bag your lunch for a month! So many teeny tiny things we can do to save and invest in ourselves.

Also – most trainers and gyms sell sessions in packages. Usually, the more you buy the better deal it is. But, ask your trainer what they can do for you to stretch your sessions out. I have clients where one hour doesn’t fit for them – so we break our 10 package session into 20 – 30 minute sessions – or 13 – 45 minute sessions. It has to fit your lifestyle and your pocket book! If you want to commit long term – ask us what kind of deal you could get on 20 or 30 sessions!

So, if you’ve been thinking about training but worried that it costs too much or feeling guilty about spending money on something so “luxurious” – just ask yourself, “What’s my price? What am I worth?”.

I think you’re worth every penny…cost4




Discipline or Dedication?







This was the question posed to me on Tuesday night last week.

I had messaged my beloved Pro-Trainer, the amazing Andrea Thatcher to enlist myself in her services to help ME lose 10 pounds of “jiggle”. Dedication1

This past year, I decided to change up my diet and add carbohydrates back into my diet – after joining and reading the Eat to Perform forums and website. I’ve talked about this in previous posts. I felt that I had hit a plateau in my own training. I just couldn’t seem to increase my strength anymore. I was tired and sluggish… and voila! This really got me over the hump. But as I mentioned… I added a nice soft little layer of jiggle.

I’m not gonna lie… its bothered me a lot. My summer clothes were not fitting – I was no longer wanting to sport a two-piece last summer and these past couple months… I’ve been a bit – or maybe some days – a LOT – insecure about being a personal trainer – and “not looking the part”.

The thing is – my goal the past while has been to be as fit as I can be… I want to pound out the anaerobic intervals and lift heavier and heavier – it hasn’t been about aesthetics at all the past year. All about performance.

I also know what it will take to “lean up” a bit. The wine needs to be cut way back… the chocolate needs to be cut way back… dipping into the nuts and peanut butter needs to be cut back, etc. etc. The thing is – I eat clean (well wine is pretty clean – lol…) but its the portions that need to be cut back.

I had someone recently say to me, that I didn’t truly understand what it meant to be overweight because even at my “heaviest”, I wasn’t really that overweight. That my 10 pounds were “vanity weight”. I kind of pondered that a bit and while I understood what this person was saying, I still thought… we all have our “shit” and mine might be “vanity weight” – they are still making me feel insecure.

So this gets me right back to the question posed to me by Andrea last week… I said to her, “What the F*!@, I’m a trainer and I can’t buckle down to lose 10 damn pounds! I feel like all my hard work in the gym is covered under fat and that means no one can see how “fit” I am and that reflects poorly on me as a trainer. Why would clients want ME to help them – when I can’t do it myself?”.

WHOA – hold the phone!

Andrea: So basically, you are attaching your self-worth to 10 pounds? dedication2

Me: uhhhhh…

Andrea: I would love to help you but there is no way in hell I’m taking your money if you are attaching your self-worth to 10 pounds. I can give you the best, most “awesomest” workouts and the best nutrition plan there is. But if you are telling me right now – which is exactly what I’m hearing – that you are attaching your self-worth to 10 pounds, then I won’t let you hire me.

Me: uhhhhhh…

Andrea: I will call you out on your shit all the time. AND SO… you can either THANK the Universe for giving you all that you have and use YOUR battles to relate and SHARE with your clients – or you can be a f*&#ing hypocrite.

Me: well… that’s one way to put it.

Andrea: So I’m gonna give you some time to think about that and before I LET YOU hire me for those 10 pounds – you need to give me some damn good solid reasons for wanting to lose them.

Me: (trying desperately not to break down into full out balling mess in a tiny voice) Ok, Andrea… thank you, thank you, thank you – I love you!

Andrea: Now here is the question… Are you going to do this through dedication or discipline? Because, if you feel you need to be “disciplined”, its not going to work. You aren’t “disciplined” with your children, or your work, or your husband… you are “dedicated”. There is a HUGE difference. You cannot succeed until you are ready to be completely dedicated.

Me: Wow, I have NEVER thought about it that way.

Oh and then we started talking about all sorts of other fun stuff.

And THAT is why we all need mentors.

So with that… I have decided to be THANKFUL to my Universe for providing me with this battle so that I can SHARE my struggles with my OWN clients – so that I know exactly how they feel when they come to me and say, “Oh my god Olivia, I ate like crap all week and I only got one workout in!”. I can respond with, “You know… I had a pretty awful week of eating too – chocolate for breakfast (but it had pumpkin seeds!)…”. And then, we share some ways in which we can BOTH be accountable for a new week ahead. I’m human and I’d rather be completely transparent and relate-able, than a “f$*%ing hypocrite”.