One of the number one reasons people choose to hire a personal trainer is to stay motivated. What exactly IS motivation? Well, by definition, it is simply the desire to do things. I think its much more complicated however.

Some people are internally motivated. They do something because it feels good Рits internally rewarding. Others are externally motivated. They need a physical reward at the end, a reason to perform a certain task, a goal. motivate

From what I’ve seen over the years, those people who are externally motivated are the ones more likely to need a personal trainer over the long term. Someone who will push them to get that workout in regardless of a trip to Mexico, an upcoming wedding, or that high school reunion.

Once I get to know the personalities of my clients (and when you are exercising – it doesn’t take me long to see it ūüėČ ), I will ask you what kind of motivation you need. Do you need weekly check-ins? How accountable to you want me to hold you? Weekly weigh-ins? Sometimes people don’t know, so I can explain the things I can help with to keep them on track. Trainers realize that not everyone loves exercise. Just this week, one of my clients stated that she hates it, which is mind boggling because she works out like a “boss”!! She is in and out start to finish in 30 minutes. This is what keeps her motivated. Short, intense workouts.

Trainers need to help you find what fits with YOUR lifestyle and YOUR personality to make fitness a life-long, SUSTAINABLE part of your life. You don’t need to spend hours or days every day of the motivationweek at the gym to be healthy, fit and strong. I firmly believe that after six months of learning what fits and works with YOUR life, it will start to feel effortless. Even if you need to see me only once every two weeks, or once a month – just to re-evaluate, check-in, vent your frustrations, whatever it may be.

Your trainer should truly be passionate about your outcome. We became trainers because we want to see people successful. Its guaranteed that 85% of fitness professionals have had some sort of battle themselves – we know the struggles and we are here to share our knowledge and help you. You should receive nothing less.


I just had to add this one at the end because it made me laugh out loud!



I know I’ve said this before but I believe in nothing more strongly than the law of attraction. Today, I think of all the amazing connections with people I have. How blessed I am to have my family, friends, co-workers, clients, parents from my kids’ activities and schools – even if its just a smile and a hello, it warms my heart.

One of my best friends is fighting an aggressive form of breast cancer. We found out only at the beginning of the summer and what an emotional time it has been. Today, I stopped in to drop off a little care package for her. How wonderful that I can come unannounced, walk right into the house without knocking and whisper a soft hello (as to not scare the shit out of my best friend with cancer!). There she was, laying on the couch snuggled up with a big smile on her face less than 24 hours after her fourth round of chemo. How are you I ask? She says, (all peppy I might add) – pretty good! Her eyes were bright, her voice was strong and I could feel her positive energy. Then she hops up and shows me her youngest daughter’s (she has FOUR daughters) project for the fall fair. So proud and unwavering, she is truly the strongest woman I know. If the roles were reversed (and I have questioned the why’s a zillion times over the past few months) I honestly do not believe I could have a fraction of the strength she has. I am so grateful to have her in my life and through this fight she has taught me more than she can know.gratitude3

It amazes me sometimes how much one day can hold and all the experiences you can have, all the feelings you can feel – just in one short day. I have the honour and privilege of training an amazing young woman who suffered a massive brain injury at the age of eight in a car accident, which also claimed the life of her mother. She has beaten all odds and is now training to compete in the para-olympics for swimming in Rio in 2016.

A short while back, I would see this girl at the gym, working incredibly hard. I had heard murmurs¬†of her story and her drive and determination always kept me in awe. So now – to be TRAINING her – like I said, what an honour. She is always early, she busts her butt and as I look for ways to continue to challenge her, I ask – how was it – that was tough hey? She says, meh – it was alright. I then think – what the hell? She is a machine! She has also just recently written a book. It’s called, “An Unexpected Miracle”, by Jennifer DiPippo. I encourage EVERYONE know to read it – its an account of what living with a disability is like. The emotional brutality that someone endures due to a disability and that all they crave is respect and normalcy. Of course, this is not a huge revelation for someone like myself as I have an incredible sister-in-law with a mental disability who has also conquered mountains through special olympics and athletics. But I have seen for twenty years now the emotional heartache that ensues from worry to protect and provide that sense of normalcy with my mother and father-in-law. For people on the outside, there is mostly a sense of fear, which Jenn talks about in her book. I am extremely guilty of this – even with my own sister-in-law. Some people have a natural talent to connect with these incredible people, I unfortunately do not – believe it or not, I tend to feel intimidated – which I know is very silly. I am one of the ones who has fear. But once I learn HOW to connect, it becomes effortless. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to do so.

Today was a hectic day. I was ALMOST thankful that the kids were not in school today (yikes – did I say that???). But training clients, connecting with scrambling parents at skating registration and participating in Jessica’s awesome new Tabata class and Josee’s Zumba (oiy – now that was quite a sight – I’ve lost all dance capability – I was as stiff as a board and was the most uncoordinated of all) – I had an exhausting day but I’m grateful for every waking minute of it today.

AND… since I’m babbling on… I just have to add in here a point about social media. Some people balk at the idea. But its an extroverts best friend. I love love love connecting with people and SHARING, I just do. I wear my heart on my sleeve and many times that leaves us extroverts very vulnerable but to me, its worth the risk. Each time I get a message like a “way to go”, or a… “I can braid hair if you need help”, or a call from a friend, or texts, or whatever, it fills me with energy and I love it.

Anyhoo… this post doesn’t really have to do with personal training or nutrition but I felt like I just had so much to be grateful for and I am so very grateful to share it with you!



Fitness, Raw Chocolate, Elixirs and Essential Oils…

Oh my goodness – BEST WEEKEND EVER!

Over the past couple of months I have had the honor and privilege of creating an amazing new network of fitness friends and fellow health nuts! I mean truly, I feel so blessed to have had my path lead to such warm, passionate, and incredibly knowledgeable people. Through my courses I have become friends with some amazing women. The thing is when you become part of the fitness profession world things can get a little competitive. But not once, have I felt anything but encouragement and complete positivity from everyone!¬†I get so excited when I see that one of my fellow classmates has officially become a certified trainer and I know they have been cheering me on as well! They have a wealth of knowledge to share and it excites me to see the “web” expand so we can all reach out to others and help make this world a healthier and more amazing¬†place.

This weekend I made another trek back to Calgary and I was super excited – coincidentally my timing was perfect! I was able¬†to attend a session with my ProTrainer, Andrea Thatcher AND the beautiful Eva Sefcova-Gustafsson, holistic practitioner, Reiki master and fitness model¬†– google her – seriously she is gorgeous on the inside and out! Our session was about essential oils. Many of my friends know that I’ve used oils since my girls were little. Actually, another Mom at school introduced me to their powerful immune boosting properties because my little nose miners were sick all the time, which meant I was a crabby mama! Anyway, I was super excited about this because I got to learn a million, zillion more ways to use the oils that I already have as well as add a bunch of new ones to my collection! I even got a new cacao1bottle of wild orange – and let me just say, these aren’t just any essential oils – they are therapeutic grade – it makes a HUGE difference in the way they work. Before we went out for dinner on the town, I made Chris breathe some in and then I smeared some on him – he has learned to embrace my inner modern hippy chique ¬†– or at least that is what I will call it.

I also learned how¬†to make my very own raw chocolate and superfood elixirs! Oh my… I was in CHOCOLATE HEAVEN!!! The elixir we made was also made with raw cacao – various forms and all sorts of other superfoods! I am super excited to be taking a raw food certification course through David Wolfe as well. I will write a whole other post on that at some point. But incorporating all sorts of ways of nourishing our bodies – AND our souls with foods closest to mother nature comes with practice. It takes time at¬†first and experimenting, but after a while – you tune into your intuition and let your body and soul lead you to what nutrients we need based on the day!

So the only thing better than learning is SHARING! I’m so excited to bring all of my new knowledge to YOU! Within the few weeks I will be hosting my own session on how to make-over your medicine cabinets and cleaning closets with the gifts that we are given from mother nature herself rather than the toxic, disease causing chemicals most of us use! We can eat some raw chocolate and drink elixirs and have tons of fun learning about superfoods! If you’re ever interested in hosting your own event, do let me know! It would be my privilege to help you and your friends learn too!oils1

On a training note – WOW! September is going just as I thought it would! Everyone is getting back to their routines – our classes are super full at the gym and full of wonderful energy! LOVE IT! We have some amazing new instructors at the gym and I’m just dying to try their classes! My clients are booking up too. If you haven’t had a chance to read my last post, I suggest giving it a read – time to get back to those routines and give yourself the time to find a healthier you! Also, my promotion will still be running with my beautiful friend Christine, from the Dot Mobile Boutique (find her on Facebook!) – anyone who signs up for a 10 sessions will get a gift certificate to use on themselves (or to give to their wife, girlfriend, mom, etc.) for a FREE manicure or pedicure. Check her work out! She is a seriously amazing artist and full of laughs!

Here’s to YOU having the best week ever!


Fall is in the air… and a September Promotion!

As I sit down to write this, I am feeling the summer melancholy once again. Although we are in quite a predicament as far as getting back to school goes, this week usually symbolizes the exciting fresh start of a new year. In fact, I think if you’re a parent, September is more like a new year than January! Last week I took the girls for their back to school shopping, their hair cuts and school supplies. My oldest is feeling blue because she wants to start at her new middle school and get her new locker and see all of her friends. My youngest on the other hand says she wants to stay home with mommy forever!autumn

This is the week we all get to sign our kids up for their extra-curricular activities. I have been very busy the past couple weeks getting registration ready to go for the skating club. In fact, I will be sitting at the table at community registration – I’d love to chat, so feel free to come by and see me! As I have been scrambling around making sure that I get my kids into their favorite activities and that the schedules all work and that there are no conflicts – I know you are smirking right now – feel the pain! I started thinking about what new activities I want to do this year. I’m particularly excited this year because of all my new changes. My term is up on the school board and I’ve decided not to run for re-election. This is going to free up some time for me! When I began on the board, I gave up my weekly yoga sessions. I was so sad to have to do this, but something had to give. So I am definitely planning on getting back to yoga – my body and my spirit need it desperately. I also think that I will sign up for a dance class! Once a dancer, it stays within you – and although I won’t be auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance anytime soon – just moving to music and rhythms feeds the soul as well. I suppose that is my new theme for THIS new year – nurturing my spirit. For the past few years, this has been a missing link and I’ve promised myself that I would MAKE TIME for that this year.

What about you? In the midst of getting your families ready for fall, have you thought about YOU? Fall is the perfect time to start something new or to get back to something that you’ve given up. Its time to ask yourself if you are feeling balanced. Mentally, spiritually, physically. If one of these is lacking, it throws our entire centre off and that is when health issues¬†start to surface. Perhaps you’re holding onto extra weight, or you find you are getting sick a lot, maybe you don’t have the energy you wish you did, or your skin and hair are not healthy or maybe you are not sleeping at night. You need to find that missing link. You deserve to feel and be the best YOU. Give yourself what you need to make it happen. Start to invest or re-invest time back just for you. Your whole family will be better off for it.

If you’ve been thinking about joining the gym, coming back to the gym, trying a new exercise class, losing weight, starting a new fitness routine – now is the perfect time. As the leaves turn colour – its time to turn a new leaf for you! As a “New Year, New You” September promotion, I have teamed up with my beautiful friend, Christine from the Dot Mobile Boutique (find her on FB)! Anyone, who signs up for 10 sessions with me will receive a free regular manicure or pedicure – yep – you too guys! So contact me this September to work on your new goals with a free consultation, mention this blog post and reward yourself with a little pampering to go along with your hard work!

Happy September 1st Everyone! ~Olivia